Make Your Own: Chili’s Southwest Egg Rolls


Copy Cat Recipe: Chili’s Southwest Egg Rolls

My Husband loves these little egg rolls and will actually make a special trip to Chili’s just to have them. After my second time eating them at Chili’s I realized two things 1. They are not good for you all fried up and 2. I could make these at my house!

What you will need:

Makes 2 rolls:

Fillo Dough

2 cups Edamame Salad prepared Recipe Here

1/4 cup Shredded Low fat Cheese

1 avocado

Low Fat Ranch Dressing

1 Breast Grilled Chicken Sliced Small


Roll out the Fillo dough take 10 sheets and divide into 2 piles each with 5 sheets.

In the middle of the first pile of dough place some chicken covered with one cup of the edamame salad. Sprinkle with half the shredded cheese.  Roll it all up burrito style.

Repeat the same steps for the second roll…

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